João Gonçalves

PhD Student @ UZH | Empa

Personal info

About me

I have a special interest in research and development, being mostly proficient in web and mobile development. Artificial Intelligence and modeling & simulation are also amongst my current favourite topics. I am currently pursuing a PhD at UZH, in collaboration with Empa. I am focusing on Material Flow Analysis simulations and modelling. Previously, I focused on the ITS (Intelligent Transportation Systems) area.

I have a MSc in Informatics and Computing Engineering from University of Porto, Portugal. I currently live in Zurich, Switzerland.

In my free time I am an avid reader, a not-so-avid gamer and also a weekend cyclist.


  • Web Back-End

  • Web Front-End

  • Simulation

  • Programming

  • Project Mngmt.

  • AI


  • Web Back-End

    python nodejs Ruby PHP
  • Web Front-End

    AngularJS Reactjs jQuery Selenium Karma
  • Web Frameworks

    flask spring django RoR CakePHP Lithium
  • Other Prog. Lang.

    Java C/C++ C# OCaml Prolog ...
  • Other stuff

    git TDD/BDD CI Gulp Grunt npm zsh
  • Databases

    MongoDB MySQL PostgreSQL PL/SQL


  • 2018-

    PhD in Information Systems (UZH, Zurich, Switzerland)

    I am currently pursuing a PhD in Information Systems at the University of Zurich in collaboration with Empa. I am working on the CAPATHITY project, aiming to discover pathways to a fossil-free Switzerland by 2050, and possibly a fossil-sink by 2100.

  • 2009-2015

    MSc in Informatics and Computing Engineering (FEUP, Porto, Portugal)

    I have a MSc in Informatics and Computing Engineering. In my studies I have learnt about a multitude of topics. However, the ones that had my special interest were web & mobile development and AI including all of their idiosyncrasies. This interest have also helped to develop my strong opinions about open source projects and tools.

    Throughout the programme I have studied about no-sql databases and also computer security and distributed systems.

    In the later years of my MSc I have started to focus on simulation and MultiAgent Systems, specially with respects to studying Intelligent Transportation Systems.


  • 2018-

    PhD Student @ Empa (St. Gallen, Switzerland) 

    PhD at Empa's Technology and Society Lab. Working on the CAPATHITY project to discover, through simulation, different pathways to a post-fossil Switzerland.

  • 2015-2017

    Software Engineer @ Red Hat (Brno, Czech Republic)

    Community enablement at the Openshift Marketing Team. Development of Openshift tools, cartridges and quickstarts.

    Technologies: Python, Flask, Javascript, Java, JQuery, Gulp, Git, Openshift.

  • 2014-2015

    Research Developer @ DLR (German Aerospace Center, Berlin, Germany)

    Developing a new general-purpose methodological approach to conduct studies on Human Factors in Transportation Systems.

    Technologies: Python, Android, Web, Git.

  • 2014

    Web Developer - Summer Internship @ CERN (Geneva, Switzerland)

    Developed a new module on the Zenodo Digital Repository to evaluate the records’ files in terms of long-term preservation suitability.

    Technologies: Python, Flask, Javascript, JQuery, Gulp, Git.

  • 2011-2013

    Web Developer @ Forward Software (Porto, Portugal)

    Fullstack development of custom Content Management Systems (CMS) and corporate Websites for end-customers.

    Technologies: CakePHP, JQuery, Grunt, Git.


  • 2013

    German unter A2

    TestDaf Institute

    License: Fl14178498805499